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In terms of value, there is going to be no other community like this. Consider our evergreen business Academy if you fall into ANY of the below:

🚨 Sick of your marketing spend and efforts providing inconsistent (or non-existent) results. No matter what you try it doesn't create that flow of leads you need.

🚨 You're constantly being distracted by the next shiny marketing "hack". You're done with reinventing the wheel and want to get back to core business rules. 

🚨 Creating content all the time is draining. You don't see yourself going viral and would rather have proven systems in place doing the heavy lifting for you. 

🚨 Getting new customers is a pain in the ar$e. You're exhausted from justifying why people should work with you. 

🚨 You're not enjoying business as much as you want to. It can't always be Champagne and roses but it shouldn't be so much of a grind. 

"Andy and Joel delivered so much knowledge about how to market yourself effectively. A quality course and exceptional training. Highly recommended!"

Chris Hazell
IT Entrepreneur

"A wealth of knowledge, they put on a great show and didn't hesitate to answer any questions."

Simon Jones

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THE game-changing membership for business owners who want growth
If you're looking to get to the next level in business, whether you're a new sole trader or have an established team, join our Academy. We'll teach you marketing that WORKS. Because success won't come from churning out post after post, forever trying to play the algorithms. Life's too short! Thankfully, there's a better way. Our way.

All you need to know about everything that matters
You'll be taught what you need to know to get more customers, more easily. This will cover social media, digital ads, copywriting, AI, websites, print marketing, email marketing, sales funnels and - more importantly - how to upgrade your thinking to drive it all and enjoy it more.

Real-world experience applied to your business
The HUGE difference with the Academy vs. many other "programmes" is that you'll only get tactics that we have personally deployed for real business owners like you. That's the beauty of running an agency alongside. So, if you want to learn from marketers who do rather than just teach, let's go!

Easy-to-follow and access
You don't have to download and figure out some training app you've never used before; everything is conveniently held inside a private Facebook Group. All the trainings, recordings, Q&As and cheat sheets are stored there. We'll always look for the simplest way to do stuff, even though a fancy app may sound cooler.





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WEEKLY training - jargon-free, fun and no 'Death by PowerPoint'
✅ LIVE Q&A - answering the most common questions in detail
Marketing & Mindset insights and 'top tips' - EXCLUSIVE to the Academy
✅ SPECIAL GUEST trainings - finance, fitness, legal shizzle and more 
✅ Guides and CHEATSHEETS - avoid the guesswork with killer AI prompts, ad budget calculators and more
✅ UNLIMITED marketing feedback - get our insights on whatever, whenever, WHICH IS WORTH THE FEE ALONE
✅ Access our NETWORK of recommended suppliers - save money and stress
✅ TICKETS to in-person strategy days - face-to-face learning and lunching

🚀 BONUS 1: Launch offer subscription locked in for life

🚀 BONUS 2: Stay Hungry merch*
🚀 BONUS 3: 1-2-1 strategy call direct with Andy or Joel*
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Getting The Basics Right

Most business owners go wrong with their marketing because they don't have a plan to stick to. They're always chasing the next shiny new thing*.

*Shiny Object Syndrome = the curse of the small business owner

But when you focus on the building blocks of marketing success, life is sooooo much simpler. Because they don't change. They've never changed, since the days of trading on the Silk Road.

They are:

Market | Message | Media


Get specific on who is the most likely to give you money and what you have to do to get hold of it. This way, you won't waste time and effort going after people who are unlikely to become customers or will be pain in the ar$e customers.


Learn the inside scoop on writing copy that sells, for your website, socials, ads and emails. This is where you'll start trouncing your competitors because they don't know how to write commercial copy. They write like they're writing to their mates.


Focus on where to get in front of your ideal customers and stay there, using our signature growth formula plus AI. You'll learn how to create and manage the best digital ads in the business.

“I went away and implemented the exact tactics we outlined. Within a working week I'd added £40,000 annual revenue to my business!”

Nicola Peake
Peake's Private Members Club


Why Join The Marketing Academy?

Price is what you pay, VALUE is what you get... which is why we're confident enough to offer the first month free

We are business owners ourselves, not employees, so have EMPATHY when it comes to the bottom line

We'll teach you the most direct route to marketing success, saving you TIME - the currency of life

Because Codebreak retains a select number of done-for-you clients, the tactics you receive are always UP-TO-DATE

As everything shared is step-by-step, no matter your level of experience, you'll have CLARITY

You'll be part of an exciting, growing COMMUNITY of fellow small business owners keen to stay sharp

Learn MINDSET techniques proven to increase productivity and don't involve chanting naked in a forest

You’ll enjoy more RESULTS from your marketing efforts in less time with fewer headaches

Paul Mort, 2x UK Mastercoach of the Year

"Andy and Joel run a tight ship. Not only do they lead with value, what they don't know about marketing isn't worth knowing.

"It's why I personally chose them to host the Meta Ads workshops that are available to the 400+ business owners in my programmes.

"They're a good craic too. You need that energy in business!"

Marketing entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, podcasters & founders of Codebreak

Who will you learn from?


We're Andy and Joel, the friends & marketers behind the Marketing Academy and Codebreak. Thanks for considering our unique learning community. We're confident you're about to take a giant leap in transforming your business.

With over 40 years of combined experience in marketing & advertising, we've developed our signature MTS™ (Marketing That Sells) formula to help businesses like yours achieve extraordinary results without running yourself into the ground.

The structure of our trainings and the fact that they are all based on real life application will make your growth INEVITABLE.

After having a 1-2-1 strategy session with us, some small business owners have made an additional five figures in just one week. Others have scaled to seven figures within six months. We've also seen people get a renewed sense of confidence that makes their lives better, not just their businesses.

When you join the Marketing Academy, you'll find a welcoming, inspiring and productive environment. No one gets left behind!

So, are you ready to smash your marketing without simply working harder and longer?! Don't wait any longer. Join the Academy now, and let's embark on an awesome journey together!

Stay hungry,

Andy & Joel
Founders, Codebreak


... And Secure The Best Outcome

When's the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago.

When's the next best time? TODAY.

Join the Marketing Academy, have fun, network and get clear on what's going to bring you success sooner rather than later.

Also, at some point, we may even decide to pull the free trial offer.

🫡 More traffic, more leads and MORE SALES

🫡 More time with your friends & family

No contract. Cancel anytime.


What Our Agency Clients Say

Changed my life...
Amazing ideas...
Return on investment...

Is The Marketing Academy Right For You?

You're Happy To Consider Digital Advertising
The fastest, most measurable way to grow & scale your business is paid-for ads... when they're done right.

Keen To Develop
Our motto is Stay Hungry. We work with people who are hungry to learn and take responsibility.

A Small Business Owner / Director
If you're in a position to make decisions and take action, your marketing will be all the better for it.

Big Picture Thinker
Getting you to a place where the £10 per hour tasks are off your desk, so we can focus together on STRATEGY.

You Only Use Free Stuff
You can grow a business organically but you can't scale; you'll be spending all your time creating content.

If you think the world owes you a living and you need spoon-feeding, our community won't be a good fit.

Part Of A Boardroom
A camel is a horse that's been designed by a committee. Sh*t needs to happen quickly.

Paralysis by Over Analysis
If you want our help to sort out any technical intricacies, invest in a freelancer with those specific skills instead.


Is this "just another coaching programme"?

In a word, no! Coaching is where you're guided to find the answers yourself. The Academy is teaching. There's a massive difference. We will tell you what to do, based on the experience we've accrued over the years. Of course, whether or not you choose to implement that advice is up to you! 

Why are you doing a free trial?

We're doing a free trial to show you what we know without any deliberation on your part. Also, for you to find out whether we're for you or not. We won't be everyone's cup of tea and that's cool. We're confident enough in the value we deliver that enough people will go onto a paid-for subscription.

How long should I be spending on my marketing?

Like washing, best results are achieved when you do it daily! In our experience, you need to commit at least an hour a day to your marketing. Watch our trainings and insights when you can, make notes and - of course - TAKE ACTION. You've got to do the reps. But you shouldn't be sweating over your laptop until midnight every night.

Is the Academy suitable if I'm new to business?

Yes, as the principles of marketing apply whether you're a newbie or veteran. It's more about helping you get to the next level, whatever that looks like for you. We've worked with a tonne of start-ups, and are proud to say we have seen some grow to six and seven figures and have their lives changed.

Is the training mostly on DIGITAL marketing?

The Academy is mostly about digital marketing. Because that is the most effective for small businesses. But we will be advising on traditional media too, as we have experience in that game, from print ads and leaflets to TV.

How much of an ad budget do you recommend?

Unfortunately, how long's a piece of string? Our general advice is to invest enough to keep you interested but not so much it keeps you up at night. BUT digital ads may not be right for you at the mo and you'd be better off focusing on other avenues. We'll be happy to advise.

Can you help if I struggle with focus and confidence?

Absolutely. Marketing success is as much about mindset as tactics. We'll help you get clearer on what to do, why and how. No 'woo-woo' fluff either; we're talking practical ways you can get more done in less time. Also, Andy is a Level 4 certified Transformational Coach, so can help on the confidence side of things.

Will you be vetting members of the Academy?

Any small business owner or decision-maker can join. We're not here to pre-judge or assume. But, if it turns out that someone is being rude or unprofessional to any fellow members or any of our team, they'll be kicked out. We have a strict 'no dickheads' policy.

What support do I get?

Ask any questions in the Facebook Group; it's a safe and inclusive space. There will also be live Q&As, where we'll answer the most common questions as well as anything else you want to bring to the table. You can also request feedback on any of your marketing in the Group. If it's something more private, you can email us.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you'd like to leave, Andy will probably cry as he's a sensitve soul. All you have to do is email and we'll cancel your next payment within 48 working hours. If you do that within your free trial month, you'll never pay anything.

Will lots of technical knowledge be required?

Nope, as we're big fans of the KISS principle - Keep It Super Simple. This is jargon-free learning, wiht as little technobabble as possible. The Academy is more about STRATEGY & TACTICS. For any technical intricacies, like how to connect X to Y, the best source of info will always be YouTube.

Will all the training sessions be live?

Some will be and some will be pre-recorded. Any live trainings will also be recorded to ensure you don't miss out. You'll have to take the responsibility of watching what you can when you can.

Can more than one person join per company?

There's nothing to stop you watching the trainings with as many people as you want. But there can only be one point of contact per company per subscription. As in, only one person can join the Facebook Group and ask questions. If you want, say, two people to pro actively take part, simply pay for two subscriptions.

Can I work more closely with Codebreak?

If you'd like more of a bespoke service, you can apply to join Andy & Joel's 1-2-1 Mentorship. This gives you direct access to the pair, 24/7 (within reason). Plus regular 1-2-1 Zooms, weekend retreats and more.


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